🤷‍♀️ Expectations

What to expect(), when you're expecting!
There are a set of comparison functions defined in the types/as-pect.d.ts types definition. These comparison functions allow you to inspect object and memory state.
class Expectation<T> {
constructor(public actual: T) {}
not: Expectation<T>;
// prototype methods follow
Expectations can be created like this:
// create an Expectation with typeof SomeValue`
Expectations can be negated like this:
// negate an assertion
// This assertion is effectively:
// I don't expect this value to be exactly this value
Calling the expect<T>(value: T) function outside of the following functions will result in unexpected behavior:
  • beforeEach()
  • afterEach()
  • beforeAll()
  • afterAll()
  • test()
  • it()
  • throws()
  • itThrows()
If this happens, the entire test suite will fail before it runs in the CLI, and the error description will be reported to the console.
Last modified 3yr ago