JSON formatting, because everything supports JSON

The JSONReporter can be used to create json files that contain the test output. The file output location is {testname}.spec.json. It can be used directly from the configuration file.

It must be installed manually via the CLI.

// as-pect.config.js
const JSONReporter = require("@as-pect/json-reporter").default;

// export your configuration
module.exports = {
  reporter: new JSONReporter(),

It can also be used from the cli using the --json flag.

npm install --save-dev @as-pect/json-reporter
npx asp --json

The object ouput definition is shaped like this:

// Test Results are compiled into an array
  // For each test, there is an object with the following shape
    // The Test Group
    group: group.name,
    // The Test Name
    name: result.name,
    // If it ran
    ran: result.ran,
    // If it passed
    pass: result.pass,
    // The total test runtim
    runtime: result.runTime,
    // The error message
    message: result.message,
    // Actual value message if an expectation failed
    actual: result.actual ? result.actual.message : null,
    // Expected value message if an expectation failed
    expected: result.expected ? result.expected.message : null,
    // The average run time (performance)
    average: result.average,
    // The median run time (performance)
    median: result.median,
    // The maximum run time (performance)
    max: result.max,
    // The minimum run time (performance)
    min: result.min,
    // The standard deviation of the run times (performance)
    stdDev: result.stdDev,
    // The variance of the run times (performance)
    variance: result.variance,

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